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Neighborhood disputes will be resolved through mediation

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Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdag said, “Disputes arising from rent receivables, property law, law and neighborhood law will go to the mediator and will be resolved in a shorter time with less expense in mediation.”

ANKARA (IGFA) – Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdağ, who attended the Opening Ceremony of the Bartın Palace of Justice New Service Building, said that they had taken important steps to bring alternative dispute resolution methods into law.

Minister Bozdağ stated that while bringing conciliation into the legal system on the one hand, and taking steps regarding arbitration on the other hand, they brought the issue of mediation in legal disputes to Turkey’s agenda, and said, “Before things go to court, our citizens will be able to resolve their problems in a shorter time through a mediation institution that is more suitable for our civilization and culture. It is extremely valuable to get the desired result with less expense”.


Minister Bozdağ stated that for the first time, they introduced compulsory mediation as a condition of litigation in labor cases, adding that they decided to take important steps to expand the scope of mediation in the new era, according to the news on the ministry’s website.

In this context, within the framework of the works prepared by the Ministry at the moment, Minister Bozdag said that the disputes regarding the rent receivables in the upcoming period have become the subject of mediation, the disputes arising from the Mass Housing Law, the conflicts arising from the Condominium Ownership Law, and the conflicts arising from the neighborhood law. Disputes arising from property law, law and neighborhood law will go to the mediator and I am sure that they will be resolved in a shorter time in mediation with less expense,” he said.

Stating that they want the neighbors to settle the problems without going to court, Minister Bozdağ said, “Actually, when you look at these 3 areas, two of them are directly related to the law of the neighborhood, the other is the tenant, the Because of this, we, the tenants, the residents and the neighbors will reveal a new alternative solution for them in the next period, in order to solve their problems in an earlier respite By means of a mediator, without bringing them to court doors and without blaming each other at the court doors. When the Turkish Grand National Assembly is opened, we will transfer our preparations and draft works to the AK Party Cluster. I wish him well already ” he said.


On the other hand, Minister Bozdağ stated that there were expectations about the mediation exam and stated that the mediation exam was not that easy, and said, “Even those who prepared the exam could not pass this exam. Let me tell you here. So The teachers who gave lessons did not win the exam. Those who take it know,” he said.

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