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Needs are at your door with Social Market

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ARMY (IGFA) – Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality People in need are reached with the Community Market, which was implemented under the leadership of Mehmet Hilmi Güler. Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which works with a system different from other examples in Turkey, does not leave unreachable doors in the city with the online order system they have established.


In the Community Market, which was established in Altınordu district and serves the citizens with 630 kinds of food, clothing, cleanness and personal care products, the people in need can come or choose ORYAZ A.Ş., a subsidiary of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. With the online ordering system, the software of which is made by the company, it can meet its needs. The works that citizens add to their baskets are approved and prepared by Community Market employees and delivered to the door by vehicles.


The Metropolitan Municipality, which thinks to the smallest detail for the citizens; For those who do not have internet access, who cannot use the system due to their age and other factors, it works in partnership with all district authority to help citizens by competent persons.

With the experience of shopping, citizens learn about budget control and determine their own needs. In this way, both citizens feel appropriate spiritually and their own needs are met.


Social Market delivers all its orders in the middle of 08.00-17.00, except weekends and public holidays, within 3 working days, from the farthest neighborhood to the nearest neighborhood to Altınordu district center.

With online ordering, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality leads an element in Turkey and sets an example for many cities.

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