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NATO won, Russia lost: 1340 kilometers of new front

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At the meeting between the heads of Turkey, Sweden, Finland and NATO, which was held before the hill in Spain’s capital Madrid, a declaration of historical reconciliation and unity with extremely high symbolic value came out.

While NATO is sending a message to Russia, with the signatures signed last night, it is gaining a wonderful advantage compared to more than one expert.

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine, NATO expanded. Because by pushing a neutral country like Finland into the NATO camp, Russia created a new front area of ​​1340 kilometers on the northern border.

Finland’s membership will also provide a great advantage to NATO’s new strategic approach. While explaining the concept, NATO used the phrase “Russia is the Biggest Security Threat”.

“Failure for Putin” comments were made in the foreign press for the agreement reached at the Quadruple Hill.


A river actually separates Finland and Russia. The countries that had fought twice in the Second World War then pursued peaceful interests for many years. However, this border may turn into a geopolitical fault line in a short time and separate east and west.

A precious part of the 1340 kilometer end between Finland and Russia is forested. In the event of a war, this northern border will come first among the possible fronts. NATO can easily descend to Saint Petersburg, one of Russia’s largest cities, through the line that Russia could not cross in the previous world war, and render the Baltic Sea dysfunctional for Russia.


When Finland becomes a member of NATO, Russia will have to build new military fortifications on this border, which will be the longest border in the middle of the Alliance with Russia. This means that the Russians are losing their weight center.

While Russia is distributing its forces, it will also have to settle in this new front area by spending big.


With the signatures last night, NATO closed the entire border line in the West, from the North Sea to the Mediterranean, against Russia.

In summary; NATO’s greatest achievement can be shown to be able to open a new front against Russia in the north, by making Finland and Sweden, which it could not take with it even during the Cold War, as members of the club.

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