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NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg: We will make historic decisions today

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Stoltenberg made a statement to journalists before the opening session of NATO Hill held in Madrid, Spain.

“Today we will make historic decisions.” Stoltenberg said that the Strategic Concept document adopted at the Lisbon Hill in 2010 will change.

Reminding that China was not mentioned in a word in the document at that time, Russia was seen as a strategic partner, Stoltenberg stated that in today’s document, it will be seen that Russia poses a direct threat to NATO’s security and that China poses a test against NATO’s costs and interests.

Stating that determination and defense will be strengthened, Stoltenberg reminded that more highly prepared forces and units in combat formations will prepare previously deployed military materials.

Stoltenberg stated that they expect the highly prepared force, which will consist of 300 thousand soldiers, to be ready next year, that these units will be kept ready in their own countries, and the expenses will be financed by different allied countries.


Stoltenberg also said that after the triple memorandum signed yesterday by Turkey, Finland and Sweden, a decision will be taken today on inviting Sweden and Finland to membership.

“At the summit, we will invite Sweden and Finland to NATO, Putin failed to change our open-door policy,” Stoltenberg said.

Emphasizing that the invitation of the two countries to membership within weeks after the membership applications on May 18 was an unprecedented and quick process, Stoltenberg said that the approval of the parliaments of 30 NATO allies is needed in the membership process of the two countries, and that he cannot predict how long the approval processes will take.

Stoltenberg noted that today, at NATO Hill, a comprehensive reinforcement package will be reached on Ukraine’s military requirements, discussions will be held and decisions will be made on many issues such as load sharing, climate change and cyber security.

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