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NATO membership meeting at the White House: We are open to talks with Turkey

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US President Joe Biden, Finnish President Niinistö and Swedish Prime Minister Andersson made a press statement after their tripartite meeting at the White House.

Biden stated that the USA gave strong reinforcements to Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership and said that the membership of the two countries in question would make NATO stronger.

Underlining that they had a very positive meeting, Biden stated that they made the necessary notifications to the Congress for the official process of Finland and Sweden’s participation in NATO and that the Congress had a positive approach to it.

Biden, pointing out that NATO’s open-door policy continues, “New countries joining NATO have never been a threat to another country.” said.


Finnish President Niinistö thanked Biden for the reinforcement he gave them.

Stating that his country is ready to contribute to NATO in terms of common security guarantees, Niinistö said, “We hope from all NATO allies a strong basis for the approval of our membership.” he used his word.

Niinistö, reminding that Turkey has recently expressed some of its concerns about their membership applications, said, “Finland has always established proud and favorable bilateral relations with Turkey. As a NATO ally, we agree on the elimination of Turkey’s security concerns. We take terrorism seriously. and we condemn all genders. We are ready to talk about any worries that may arise in your mind regarding our membership.” he gave his notice.

Stating that they are already in dialogue with Turkey on this issue, Niinistö noted that these talks will continue in the coming days.

Swedish Prime Minister Andersson also stated that their affiliates will make NATO even stronger, “We are in dialogue with all NATO member countries, including Turkey, at different levels for the solution of all kinds of problems.” he said.

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