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NATO membership meeting at the White House – Finland: We are open to talks with Turkey

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US President Joe Biden makes a statement with Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson and Finnish President Sauli Niinistö after the meeting at the White House.

Highlights from US Leader Biden’s statements;

We strongly support the NATO membership of the two countries. Sweden and NATO meet all the rules of NATO.

The joining of the two countries to the alliance will further strengthen our defense.

(Sweden and Finland’s NATO membership) I’m starting the process for Senate approval.

I am very clear on this bet. The new members joining NATO have not been a threat to any nation. Let no one be mistaken.

Finland has always had good connections with Turkey. We condemn terrorism in all its forms. We are open to relieve all of Turkey’s worries. We will depend on Turkey’s security, we do not reinforce terrorism.

The events in Ukraine remind us of Europe’s darkest days. After 200 years of neutrality, Sweden has chosen a new path. Sweden and Finland have chosen to join NATO. We believe that the security of the Swedish people will be preserved in the most successful form within NATO.

We are in dialogue at different levels with all NATO member countries, including Turkey, for the solution of all kinds of problems.

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