Nation’s Alliance Economic Staff Takes the Field: Work Completed!

The economic staff of the Nation Alliance came together in Istanbul today. In the written statement made after the meeting, “With the steps we will take in the fields of rule of law, legal security, impartiality and independence of the judiciary, guaranteeing fundamental freedoms, and transparent, accountable and corruption-free public administration, we will provide Turkey with a reliable and predictable business and investment environment.” it was said.

The economic staffs of CHP, IYI Party, Felicity Party, Democrat Party, Democracy and Atılım (DEVA) Party and Future Party, which make up the Nation Alliance, met in Istanbul at 11:00 today.

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To the meeting; CHP Secretary General Selin Sayek Böke, CHP Spokesperson and Deputy Chairman Faik Öztrak; İbrahim Çanakcı, Head of Economy and Finance Policies of DEVA Party, and Burak Dalgın, Head of Industry, Entrepreneurship and Digital Transformation Policies; Bülent Şahinalp, Head of Economic Affairs of the Democratic Party, and Ali Arif Aktürk, Member of the General Administrative Board; Future Party’s Head of Economic Policy Kerim Rota and Party Spokesperson Serkan Özcan; Bilge Yılmaz, Chairman of the IYI Party’s Economic Policy, and Birol Aydemir, Chief Advisor to the Chairman; Sabri Tekir, Deputy Chairman of the Felicity Party, and Musa Öztürk, Member of the General Administrative Board.

Nation Alliance economic staff made a joint written statement after the meeting. “At our meeting, we made a priority order and determined the implementation calendar so that the economic steps included in the Common Policies Memorandum of Understanding announced on January 30 could be implemented without delay after the election,” the statement said.

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The continuation of the statement was as follows:

We are aware of the picture that we will take over as the Nation Alliance. However, we are aware of our country’s qualified development perspective, strong growth potential, and innovative and dynamic entrepreneurial spirit.

We continue to work in a full team spirit, with strong and effective coordination in the implementation of economic and financial policies.

“First of all, we will put forward the problems and solutions in a transparent and realistic way to unlock the enormous potential of our country.”

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With the steps we will take in the areas of rule of law, legal security, impartiality and independence of the judiciary, securing fundamental freedoms, and transparent, accountable and corruption-free public administration, we will bring Turkey into a reliable and predictable business and investment environment.

We will re-establish trust in domestic and foreign markets by making our institutions strong and respectable with the competent, qualified, honest and experienced staff we will appoint.

We will prepare the 12th Development Plan, which will cover the period of 2024-2028, and the Medium-Term Program, which will cover the period of 2024-2026, in line with our goals and policies in the Common Policies Consensus.

“We have completed our preparations for the Situation and Damage Assessment Committee, which will work as soon as it comes to power. In this way, we will reveal the deficits that are postponed and hidden in the budget, Turkey Wealth Fund, SEEs, Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects and public banks. “We will thoroughly examine and audit the transactions regarding the non-transparent sale of bank reserves. We will quickly identify the concealment and distortions in the data published by TurkStat, especially inflation. We will follow up to the end the public losses and corruption in all institutions.”

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The prerequisite for strong, sustainable and inclusive growth is price stability. In this framework, we will reduce inflation to single digits and save our citizens from being crushed by the high cost of living.

We will purify the Central Bank from political interventions and make it credible. Thus, we will pave the way for the Central Bank to use its tools to reduce inflation without being under any pressure.

We will support the fight against inflation and financial stability with our finance, finance, agriculture, energy, industry, trade and other sectoral policies.

We will minimize the social cost of fighting inflation. We will effectively use social policies and programs to protect the most vulnerable in the fight against inflation.

“We will quickly implement a comprehensive program that will put an end to waste in the public sector. With the economic and fiscal policies we will implement, we will reduce the tax burden on employees, ensure tax justice, improve income distribution and strengthen the middle class.”

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With a new generation development move centered on social justice, green revolution and digital transformation, we will bring our country to a productive, internationally competitive, durable, stable and inclusive economy that leaves no one behind.

We are ready, Come on Türkiye!

Nation Alliance economic staff posed together and shared on their social media accounts. Selin Sayek Boke 👇

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Faik Öztrak👇

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prof. Dr. Wise Yilmaz👇

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Kerim Rota and Prof. Dr. Sabri Tekir also retweeted. 👇

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Bulent Sahinalp👇

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Ali Arif Akturk👇

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Birol Aydemir👇

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Serkan Ozcan👇

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Burak Dalgın 👇

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