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Mysterious hepatitis cases in the world increased to 228

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WHO Global Program on HIV, Hepatitis and Sexually Transmitted Infections Researcher Philippa Easterbrook answered journalists’ questions about hepatitis incidents at the Organization’s press conference in Geneva.

Noting that at least 228 hepatitis cases from 20 countries have been confirmed so far, Easterbrook stated that 50 cases reported to the center are being investigated.

Easterbrook reiterated that there was 1 death from hepatitis of unknown cause, emphasizing that the arguments for hepatitis-related deaths from countries are being examined.

Indonesian Ministry of Health announced on May 2 that 3 children with an unknown hepatitis virus died in the hospital.

Sharing the information that 18 children with the virus from liver failure and had liver transplantation, Easterbrook said, “We are investigating all infectious or non-infectious causes of the source of the virus. So far, we have found that this virus originates from a random region, food or poison. not done,” he said.

Easterbrook reiterated that in none of the incidents, the common hepatitis viruses Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E


WHO, in a written statement on April 16, announced that 74 children

By late April, the true hepatitis virus had also been seen in Spain, Germany, Poland, Denmark, Japan, the USA, Canada and Israel.

It has been reported that symptoms such as jaundice , diarrhea, vomiting and abdominal pain have been observed in the last month in children in whom the virus was, and that some cases were detected by liver transplantation due to severe liver inflammation.

The definition of the disease as ‘mysterious’ or ‘undetermined’ brought to mind the Covid-19 virus, while also bringing the possibility of a new ‘global epidemic’ to the agenda.

Covid-19 was now described as a ‘mysterious lung condition’ before it was named.

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