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Mustafa Gültepe became the new leader of TİM (Who is Mustafa Gültepe?)

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TİM’s 29th Ordinary General Meeting, which has 61 exporters’ associations from 27 sectors, was held at the Haliç Congress Center. Mustafa Gültepe, on whom most of the union and branch leaders agreed on, participated as the only candidate in the presidential election in the General Assembly. Mustafa Gültepe, who received 273 of the 274 valid games used, was elected TİM Leader.


Gültepe, whose evaluation of the matter was included in the statement, expressed that the departments and unions displayed an exemplary solidarity during the election process of the TİM Presidency.

Gültepe, who thanked everyone who trusted and supported him, said:

“Export is Turkey’s future and indispensable. We set out with the aim of making Turkey a brand country in exports. We have to complete the scientific and technological transformation in all our branches. Exports with high added value, strong transportation and logistics infrastructure, turning Threats into opportunities, and highly competitive.

We will work to be a country that determines the trends in the world, not follows them. Our country’s share in global exports is around 1%. I believe we have the potential to increase this share by 50 percent. We should be able to catch at least 2 dollars in exports per kilogram.

I know the goal is hardship and the process is grueling. However, I believe that there is no problem that we cannot overcome with a common mind, with the active participation of our 27 sections and 61 unions. In the new era, we will provide TİM with an identity that leads the strategy and vision and sets the agenda. The projects and information flow that will come from our unions with which we will work more actively and synchronized will be our most valuable data source. We will contribute to the development of our exports by maturing the projects and transferring them to the economic administration.”

Gültepe stated that they will stand in equal intervals for everyone in all studies and that they will not get lost in vicious discussions.


Mustafa Gültepe, who was elected as the Chairman of TİM, was born in 1968 in the Tonya district of Trabzon. He graduated from Dokuz Eylul University Industrial Engineering Department in 1990. He completed his MBA master’s degree at Istanbul University in 1997.

Gültepe, which has been operating in the ready-made garment industry for 30 years, took its first step into the department in 1992 at Taha Weaving. He became the founding partner and the leader of the board of directors of Talu Dokuma AŞ, which was established in 1994 as a subordinate of Taha Group.

Mustafa Gültepe, who employs a total of 3,500 people in its production facilities in Istanbul, Sakarya and Malatya, produces for many world brands.

He assumed responsibility as a member of the administrative board, deputy leader and leader in İHKİB, where he took a mission for 17 years. Gültepe, who is married and has three children, speaks English.

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