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Music-themed short cinema race concluded in Izmir

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The winners of the ‘Short Cinema Project’ competition with the theme of ‘music’ at the 2nd Izmir International Cinema and Music Festival were definitely the winners.

İZMİR (İGFA) – Music Themed Short Cinema Project Competition within the scope of the 2nd İzmir International Cinema and Music Festival, organized by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in cooperation with the Intercultural Art Association, has been concluded.

Hilmi Etikan, Işıl Özgentürk, Prof. Dr. The Selection Committee, consisting of Lale Kabadayı, Nihat Durak, Tahsin İşbilen, Cumhur Bakkan and Vecdi Sayar, evaluated 67 projects and identified 10 of them in the middle.

While the winning project owners were from the provinces of Izmir, Istanbul, Ankara, Diyarbakir, Sakarya and Konya, the projects and directors selected in the competition were as follows:

Bosnia, Night and Music / Şenol Çöm
Sure One Day / Enes Yildiz
Mardin Languages ​​and Religions / Elif Yigit
Musiversalism / Orcun Buldac
Dot / Hakan Gul
Notes Don’t Susmaz / E. Kemal Mert
Playback / Onur O. Akşit
Music on the Radio / Aslı Coşar
Silent Senler / Nisa Nemutlulook
Dear Marsias / Icon Gunsan

It has been reported that the project owners will attend the Project Development Workshop to be held in İzmir Sanat in the middle of June 11-15 and participants will be given 5 thousand liras each.

Cinemas will be shot after the workshop to be held under the supervision of the selection committee members of the competition.

It was reported that when the films are completed and screened at next year’s festival, a second 5,000 TL will be given to the directors of the cinemas.

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