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Muharrem İnce: We will say 3A in the new era

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The General Leader of the Country Party, Muharrem İnce, made a statement in front of the Headquarters on the occasion of the first year of his party’s establishment.

ANKARA (IGFA) – In the first year of the establishment of the Country Party, the members of the provincial and district organizations from all over the country appeared before Ata in Anıtkabir.

Indicating that as the party, in the light of its elements and revolutions, they promised to keep the Republic of Turkey, his greatest work, alive forever. İnce signed the notebook with the words “Sleep well; we are followers of your elements and revolutions. We are grateful to you. May your soul rest in peace and your place in heaven”.

Later, the General Leader of the Country Party, Muharrem İnce, called out to the party members in front of the Headquarters, a year ago before found this party, they were saying ‘why are you forming a party’ , and said that everything is clear today. Indicating that the Homeland Party was founded because the opposition all look alike and do not make a sound, İnce said,


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