Muharrem İnce: If I am not, Erdoğan wins the election in the 1st round

Presidential candidate and Chairman of the Country Party (MP) Muharrem Ince evaluated the agenda in Denizli, where he came within the framework of election studies. Thanking the young people who greeted him at night, İnce started his speech by saying, “The gas I bought from Denizli will take me until Sunday.”

Muharrem İnce pointed out that Turkey will hold an important election on Sunday:

“There are some decisive factors in this election. one of them HDP, the other CHP 77 people on their list. Among them are full of former AKP members. I appeal to our citizens and voters. You said, ‘We are voting strategically’. In order for the MHP not to be caught in the dam in 2011 MHP You voted for . In 2015, you voted for the HDP so that the HDP would not hit the threshold. in this election Hometown Party must be in Parliament. Re-election of former AK Party members elected from CHP lists AK Party’ No one can guarantee that he will not go to the parliament, that he will not find 360 deputies for the constitutional amendment. You also have one here, the CHP’s 3rd rank candidate. in Çankaya Sadullah Ergin there is, you have here too. I call out to my CHP brothers; you make mistakes. There is no 5 year turnaround. Bass game to Hometown Party; Let Kemalists and republicans be the insurance of this country. The Country Party is Turkey’s insurance. CHP lists are incorrectly formed. These 77 people, especially Sadullah Ergin, are wrong. I said, ‘If you make Davutoğlu’nu Babacan the Vice President, you cannot hold him accountable’. They will leave the party on Monday. I served that party for 40 years, I said it in good faith to protect it.”

‘Those FETO members who set a trap for the army now support the CHP’

Defending that the trolls did not listen to him despite all his warnings, Muharrem İnce made a reference to CHP leader Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu through journalists and artists. Claiming that his candidacy actually benefited Kılıçdaroğlu, İnce responded to the demands for his withdrawal from his candidacy with the following words:

“You are speaking without knowing the field, please shut up for 24 hours. In fact, I am calling out to the island, not to artists and journalists. I am calling out to the candidate of the Nation Alliance. In your statement, you say, ‘I earn with 60 percent’. If you earn with 60%, there is no problem. Then you don’t need to take me seriously. Is that true, do you win with 60 percent? Everyone, especially the trolls, is attacking me, there is no slander left. I’m waiting on fake tapes, fake receipts, what will I wake up with in the morning. These do not make me kneel, I do not bow to them. It is not possible, I have no doubt about my ablution. I know what I’m doing. I say it’s fake, it’s already fake. All those money claims are false, but I will make good money from the courts. My lawyers identify all those who share them one by one. We know who prepared the fake receipts. They cut the Israeli video and put my head on it. Previously, FETO members did this to the army, and this country’s cosmic chamber was entered with fake documents. Now those FETO members support the CHP. FETO members are slandering me, and my CHP brothers are spreading them. This is a shame, you will be ashamed of what you did. I will sue all those who spread fake documents, then don’t beg me. I will not forgive anyone who says, ‘I’m sorry, I was wrong’. You will play with my honor, I have children, my family. I will not forgive any of you.”

‘I leave the selection to the second round’

To Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the candidate of the Nation Alliance, “Kılıçdaroğlu, are you winning the election with 60 percent?” Asking İnce, he concluded his speech with these words:

“Do you win the election or am I blocking it? Am I a hindrance to you? Am I blocking it or am I helping? Think well. The section where Muharrem İnce and the Homeland Party received votes; it neither votes for Kılıçdaroğlu nor does it vote for Erdoğan. The ones who will vote for us are the first time voters, the undecided voters and those who will not vote for either. This is a different cut. When Muharrem İnce and the Homeland Party are disabled, not all of them flow to the opposition. There is no such world. You haven’t been able to beat Erdogan for 21 years, you’ve been fighting me with your trolls. You should be ashamed, I think you should be ashamed. I am asking again; Am I hindering or helping? I leave the selection to 2 rounds. You’re making a mistake, trolls, if I’m not, Erdogan wins the election in the 1st round.

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