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Muharrem İnce: I am withdrawing from the candidacy

The Chairman of the Country Party, Muharrem İnce, announced that he withdrew from the presidential candidacy three days before the 14 May elections.

Announcing his decision at a press conference, İnce said:

“What I have seen in the last 45 days, I have not seen in the last 45 years. Brothers who do not have fake receipts, images, photos, that is, they take it from an Israeli porn site, cut the image themselves, put it there, and this is done by FETO members.

No politician has seen such a slander in the history of the Republic. While all this was happening, the prosecutors of this country did not see it. Those who write about the privacy of private life are partners of FETO. I do not have such a sound recording image. This is not private life, this is slander. Not real.
The Republic of Türkiye could not protect my reputation. Outright slander. 5 million dollar receipt. Where are these prosecutors?

My everything is in the middle, there is no one who discloses his assets other than me. No matter how many illegal FETO members there are, they attack from abroad. On the one hand, FETOists and on the other hand PKK members are attacking. Every day there is a slander. We will go to the polls on Sunday. The Homeland Party must be in that Parliament. Atatürkists should be in that parliament. Let them make as many montage tapes as they want. I want a vote from every house for the Homeland Party. I am calling out to those who say that they took money from the palace and cannot be withdrawn, I am not afraid of these plots, these fake receipts, and montages. I’ve been resisting for 45 days already. I am withdrawing from the candidacy, I am doing this for my country.

rallies have been canceled

The rallies that the Homeland Party planned to hold in Manisa and Izmir yesterday were postponed.

In the statement made by the party, it was announced that İnce could not be held due to his illness. After making a statement on social media, İnce said that a perception operation was carried out by FETÖ with fake receipts and tapes.

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