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Monkeypox virus: US raises travel alert level

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The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has increased the travel warning level to 2, which requires “implementation of advanced precautions” against the monkeypox virus outbreak.

In the statement made by the CDC, it was stated that the level of warning against the spread of monkeypox virus for citizens who will travel has been increased to 2.

In this context, it was recommended to take advanced measures.

“The risk to the general public is low at this time, but you should seek immediate medical attention in case of any discomfort such as a new unexplained skin rash with or without fever and chills,” the statement said.

CDC has 3 types of travel warning levels against epidemic diseases. At the 1st level, it is said to “apply the usual precautions”, at the 2nd level “to implement advanced measures”, and at the 3rd level, citizens are asked to “avoid non-essential travel”.

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