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Monkeypox virus continues to spread!

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Monkey pox disease, which is generally seen in Central and West Africa and can cause death and symptoms such as high fever, swelling of lymph nodes, chills in addition to symptoms such as blisters, redness and itching on the skin, is spreading rapidly.

While the number of incidents is increasing rapidly in European countries as well as in countries such as the USA and Canada, an increase is observed in the number of countries with monkeypox.

According to the news in Sözcü, while the first monkeypox events were seen in Israel and Switzerland yesterday, the first events were officially announced in Argentina and Austria.

This disease, for which there is no effective way of protection other than the smallpox vaccine, which provides defense at a certain rate, can be transmitted by respiratory tract, physical contact, and sexual intercourse.

In line with the decisions taken yesterday, Belgium wanted individuals with monkeypox to isolate themselves for 3 weeks, while the British announced a 3-week quarantine decision.

The British Health Safety Agency announced in a statement that “People infected with monkeypox should not go to work for 21 days and should not come into contact with pregnant women and children under 12, along with those with weakened immune systems”.

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