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Moldovan President Sandu: Moscow’s coup plan in Chisinau thwarted

MoldovaPresident Maia Sandu made comments on the agenda. Sandu, Moldovan security forces “it succeeded in preventing a coup attempt against their government” He claimed. However, he claimed that Russia, which he blames for the coup attempt, continues to prepare plans to overthrow his government in Moldova.

Sandu, “Scenarios for a change of government prepared for this spring did not materialize, in part because our intelligence services were vigilant. I am sure other plans are being prepared at the moment. I think these plans have not been abandoned because the Kremlin’s intention is clear: to replace the government in Chisinau with a pro-Russian government and to destroy Moldova. They want to use it against Ukraine”said.


officially in 2022 European UnionAfter being granted (EU) candidate membership status, Moldovan authorities accused Russia of waging hybrid warfare in order to install a pro-Russian government in their country.

First President of Ukraine Volodomir Zelensky, then President of Moldova Maia Sanduand the United States National Security Council Strategic Communications Coordinator John Kirby “coup plan” confirmed his claims. However, concrete evidence of the alleged destabilization and overthrow of the government could not be produced.

Sandu has previously said that attempts to change the constitutional order in the country are being prepared and urged the parliament to tighten the security legislation.

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