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Mobility in the second hand brought with it increases: There was a big price increase in the second hand

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In Autorola Turkey’s statement, Autorola Deputy General Manager Aslı Göker said that Autorola’s second-hand vehicle pricing and market analysis software, Indicata, which is a combination of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, prepared by following the daily price trend of 323 thousand 780 vehicles announced in May. shared the price trend analysis covering the entire Turkish market.

Stating that there was a calm market in the second-hand market in the first 3 months of 2022, Göker reminded that there was no significant change in vehicle prices in this period, when they saw that sales decreased by 14 percent compared to the same period last year.


Reminding that the increase in mobility with the prestige of April was reflected in the vehicle prices as an increase of around 4 percent, Göker said, “In the analysis of 2,600 variants of 260 models of 32 brands, which accounted for 98% of the sales in the total market in Turkey, in May, an average price increase of 27 percent in all segments was observed. We can say that the highest increase occurred in the B and C segments. used his words.

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