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Misdemeanor notice from BEAUTIFUL Party ladies in Bursa

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In Bursa, the UYGUN Party Provincial Women’s Branch Presidency filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding the issue, which was reflected to the public with the word ‘slut’.

BURSA (IGFA) – The leader of the BEAUTIFUL Party Bursa Provincial Women’s Branch, Hüsniye Pıtırlı, filed a complaint with the Public Prosecutor’s Office regarding the word ‘slut’ used in the cluster meeting of the AK Party, where President Erdoğan is the General Leader.

Leader Pıtırlı, who claimed that President Erdoğan was publicly insulted with a phrase that they would “hear” to mention again and again, and in his petition of complaint, this move also violated the President’s oath in Article 103 of the Constitution. reminder was made.

Saying, “We filed a complaint with the Ankara Public Prosecutor’s Office on behalf of Turkish women, on behalf of all women, due to our social and political duty, Mr. We submitted our complaint to our Office of the Public Prosecutor, demanding that the fact that it had worked in front of all television channels and most importantly, that it had worked under the roof of the Gazi Parliament as an aggravating factor, and that the “violation of the President’s oath”, which was legally supported by the Turkish constitution, should also be investigated. We have full faith that, based on our complaint, ‘ will fulfill the requirements of the law in a complete and fair form, and will fulfill the orders of our laws, especially our Constitution , without being affected by the political identity of the perpetrator.

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