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Minister Yanık talked about ‘family values’

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Derya Yanık, Minister of Family and Social Services, said that the government has taken decisive steps to purge the family institution from violence and to ensure social peace.

ANKARA (IGFA) – Minister of Family and Social Services Derya Yanık attended the “Our Family Values ​​and the Changing World Workshop” organized as part of the Family Week.

Minister Yanık, who made the opening speech of the workshop, said, “Today, we are in the middle of valuing the concept of family, which is our most basic common point as human beings. Let me mention from the beginning that this program is the first of the programs we have planned under the family title this year. We aim to spend the year 2022 by dealing with the family issue with many academic activities, field researches and programs within the body of our Ministry. We are trying to create a social awareness with our General Directorate of Family and Community Services in the center and our provincial directorates in 81 provinces.”

Noting that human life is shaped by family ties, Minister Derya Yanık drew attention to the fact that family is the first point of existence of human beings.

Stating that the family’s journey of life is the first step, he said, “It is a special area where we both take a name and gain a personality. In this sense, it is the strongest source that nourishes people “The family also plays a key role in the transfer of costs. Above all, the institution of the family, in which people come to life, is also alive. Like all long-lived creatures, instead of fighting against time, it transforms over time, develops and learns new ways to live under the rules it is in.” )

Minister Yanık stated that the tools that determine the functioning of daily life restructure the human psychology as well as shape people’s expectations from life. It cannot be said about a healthy functioning family structure where there is violence. It is also clear that unhealthy families will not create a healthy society. The key point for the increase of love and compassion instead of violence in the family is effective communication. In addition to the legal regulations, as the Ministry, we continue to work on this issue with our 384 Social Service Centers across the country.” We provide the necessary organization and guidance to meet these needs.With this program, we have reached 4 million households since 2017. Within the scope of our Family Education Program (AEP), we have been organizing trainings in various fields such as education, health , economics, law and media since 2013. “We aim to increase the ability to manage the resources it has in the most active way and to protect itself from the risks it encounters. We have reached 2 million 600 thousand individuals with these trainings so far ”

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