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Minister Yanık announced: Social aid payments were brought forward

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Minister Yanık made statements regarding the July elderly pension, disability pensions, residential care assistance and SED, which will be paid before the Eid al-Adha.

Noting that they will make elderly pension payments of approximately 835 million TL in July, Minister Yanık stated that they will deposit approximately 658 million TL of disability pensions into the accounts of the beneficiaries.

Reminding that with home care assistance, citizens with severely disabled relatives who are in need of care and who cannot work because they take care of them, Minister Yanık said, “This month, a total of 1 billion 296 million TL of housing care aid has “This month, 550 thousand of our citizens will benefit from housing care assistance,” he said.

Noting that they provide social and economic support (SED) services to families in need so that children are not separated from their families for economic reasons, in addition to the payments made for the elderly and the disabled, Minister Yanık said, “Before the Eid -al-Adha, the families’ accounts are paid for our approximately 147 thousand children who benefit from social and economic support (SED). We will invest 336 million TL in total,” he said.

Minister Yanik continued as follows:

“In this direction, we are depositing the elderly pension, disability pensions, Housing Care Assistance and Social Economic Support (SED) payments within the scope of social assistance programs due to the Eid al-Adha. We will pay a total of 3 billion 125 million TL to the beneficiaries.”

Stating that they have developed inclusive and orderly social assistance programs for citizens in need, Minister Yanık said, “We stand by you in every field from education to health, from economy to social life so that the disabled, elderly and children can live independently with their full and active participation in social life.”

Minister Yanık stated that social aid and social services are carried out within the framework of human-oriented and rights-based policies.

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