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Minister Özer received information from 81 provincial directors

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ANKARA (IGFA) – Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer received information from all provinces about the use of the given budgets and preparations.

Underlining that they have always been in the field together since the first days of the summer vacation, Minister Özer said, “We have worked tirelessly to meet our children in clean, faithful and technologically equipped schools in the new academic year. We have mobilized all our means to implement the proposals you have sent us. We signed an element. Along with the free textbooks, auxiliary resources took their place on the desks of our children. We sent the budgets again on a school basis for the first time. We showed So far, in October We are launching our cleaning staff, which we can employ after the schools open, for the first time, before September 12, at the beginning of this week,” he said.

Pointing out the value of bringing all children to school at an earlier age in order to ensure equal opportunity in education, Minister Özer said, “As a result of the investments made in pre-school education, Turkey will gain a valuable momentum in this field As well. When the project is completed, this country’s We will always have signed a very valuable work for the education of children. We are taking firm steps towards our goal of opening 3 thousand new kindergartens and 40 thousand new kindergartens. So far, 1,407 independent kindergartens and 11,100 kindergartens have been put into service. In this way, 500 thousand children have been put into service for the first time. “This number will increase even more and we will complete the 5-year-old schooling rate to 100 percent this year,” he said.

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