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Minister Özer announced… School libraries will be open throughout the summer

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Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer announced for the first time that school libraries will be open throughout the summer holidays in Turkey.

İSTANBUL (İGFA) – National Education Minister Mahmut Özer, who mentioned that the human treasures living in Turkey will be brought together with the schools and they will be in contact with the youth, announced a new development regarding libraries.

Explaining that the libraries will be open after 17 June, Minister Özer stated that they will not leave the students empty during the summer break this year, and said, “We will be with our students with four summer schools. Science summer school, art summer school, mathematics summer school and English summer school. All our students are free of charge. They will be able to benefit from our schools this summer wherever they go. At the same time, our teachers will be able to actively participate in these summer schools in the provinces they go to. Today, I would like to share with the whole public that after June 17, our libraries will be open for the first time all over Turkey in summer, and our students are in 922 districts in 81 provinces. will be able to use our libraries actively,” he said.

Later, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer, historian scientist Prof. Dr. With the participation of İlber Ortaylı, Vefa High School İlber Ortaylı Library with 22 thousand 450 books was opened. Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya, Istanbul Province National Education Director Levent Yazıcı, Fatih Municipality Leader Mehmet Ergün Turan and many students and teachers attended the ceremony.

Minister Özer, who wished İlber Ortaylı Library to be well, thanked everyone who contributed to the process.

Historian and writer Prof. Dr. İlber Ortaylı, on the other hand, explained that Vefa High School is a great school and a great institution, and many valuable people graduated from this school.

Following the speeches, Minister Özer, İlber Ortaylı and their entourage; cut the library’s opening ribbon. Özer and his entourage then toured the library.

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