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Minister Bozdağ: Our President has raised a rightful voice

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Minister of Justice Bekir Bozdag, regarding the signing of the Tripartite Memorandum in the middle of Turkey, Finland and Sweden, said, “Mr. President, he has signed a great historical victory for the Turkish nation and the Republic of Turkey”.

ANKARA (IGFA) – Answering journalists’ questions after the event he attended in Ankara, Minister Bozdag said about the extraditions of terrorists requested from two countries, “6 PKK members and 6 FETO members in Finland, 10 FETO members and 11 PKK members in Sweden “After the reconciliation, we will rewrite and remind them about their return,” he said.

It was noted that in the statements of Minister Bozdag, which is also available on the official website of the Ministry of Justice, Turkey is making efforts with many terrorist organizations.


Stating that Turkey is a country that is a member and contributes to many international organizations that are both NATO members and members of the European Council, Minister Bozdag said, “On the one hand, he wants to benefit from the rights and opportunities provided by those organizations at the legal level, and on the other hand, he wants them to fulfill their obligations towards Turkey. NATO is a security organization. Turkey is working with many terrorist organizations. On the one hand, PKK, FETÖ, DHKP-C, PYD , YPG, DEASH, on the other hand, it is struggling with many organizations that I have not mentioned. Now we are members of NATO. NATO trusts It can only be ensured by ensuring the security of its members. However, we see that many countries including the USA, Germany, France, Sweden, and many countries have been giving support to terrorist organizations in an open form, for a long time. Here is the PYD / YPG terrorist organizations that there are different versions of the PKK a nd that it is the PKK. Although everyone knows, thousands of trucks have transferred weapons there and they did it without hiding. Trainings are being done, other things are being done. Turkey is rightly mad. We are all NATO members, we have always mentioned that your support of these terrorist activities against us is against the law created by this roof. They listened and said, “We will do what is necessary”, but unfortunately, the requirements have not been fulfilled until today. Upon the recent NATO membership of Sweden and Finland on the agenda, our President expressed a will to protect the law of the Turkish nation and the state of the Republic of Turkey. He said, “We will not allow this transition unless NATO and the countries that want to become a member of NATO show a common will against Turkey’s dealings with terrorist organizations,” he said, and raised a rightful voice. ‘ he said.

Stating that Turkey is determined to follow up on the issues included in this memorandum in the future, Minister Bozdag said, “We do not find it sufficient to write this in the article, we will supervise its implementation and we will follow the implementation of these one by one in practice.”


“Of course, this memorandum of understanding does not mean that the membership process is now over,” said Bozdag, adding, “There is an obvious process to this. Turkey will continue to monitor it in this process. In order for these countries not to become an incubator for terrorist organizations, they want to extradite terrorists to Turkey. Turkey will continue to make efforts to cut the funding, training and weapons bases for terrorist organizations so that they can fight back. “It shows that there has been a change in their eyes for the first time. It is Turkey’s wish for this changing point to be closed and to continue one-to-one. I hope we will follow them. Our President has signed a great historical victory for the Turkish nation and the Republic of Turkey,” he said.


Stating that they will ask them to fulfill the requirements within the framework of this memorandum of understanding, Bozdağ said, “We already have applications. In accordance with the words they gave within the framework of this agreement by writing a separate letter to them, 6 PKK terrorists, 6 FETO terrorists in Finland and 10 FETO terrorists in Sweden.” Third, the documents of 11 PKK terrorists are waiting in the Ministry of Justice of the relevant countries. Now, after this agreement, we, as the Ministry of Justice, will write and remind them about their extradition. Again, you do not need to send any documents. We want the documents there to fulfill their words once again. “said he.

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