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‘Minimum’ request from Kayseri Chamber of Commerce

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Kayseri Chamber of Commerce (KTO) Leader Ömer Gülsoy, who stated that the minimum price should definitely be updated, said that the prices and salaries to be given in the face of inflation are valuable at the point of compensating for the losses.

Mehmet UZEL / KAYSERİ (IGFA) – Kayseri Chamber of Commerce (KTO) May Assembly Meeting was held. Speaking at the meeting, CTO Leader Ömer Gülsoy evaluated the new developments in the economy of the city and the country, the reflections of global troubles on the departments and the difficulties faced by the business world.

In addition to Leader Ömer Gülsoy, members of the Board of Directors, MHP Provincial Leader Adnan İncetoprak, TOBB Kayseri Female Entrepreneur Council Leader Tuğbahan İlgü, Disciplinary Council Leader Ahmet Tural, Assembly members and members of the press attended the meeting.


Leader Gülsoy, who stated that 4 months have passed in the Russia-Ukraine war and that the duration of the war seems to be prolonged, said, “The war, which negatively affects the energy, food and commodity markets, unfortunately delays the global recovery . International organizations operating in the field of economics and finance argue that the economic damage of the war will cause a significant slowdown in global economic growth in 2022. he said.

Leader Gülsoy stated that a valuable transformation has taken place in the global economy and that a change is the subject of change anytime, anywhere, adding that digitalization for more efficient and value-added production is critical for the business world and all segments of society to realize cyclical production that is sensitive to the environment, with high power efficiency. he said he did.

Drawing attention to the power issue experienced around the world, Gülsoy also evaluated the BRSA’s decision on the use of Turkish Lira loans.

Stating that they found positive the steps taken by the BRSA to strengthen financial stability and to use resources more efficiently, Gülsoy said, “We evaluate it as an attack that will support the efficient use of loans and feed production and employment. “With the regulation , companies’ need for production and investment funding is kept in the foreground. We find this appropriate as well. We think it will also contribute to the strengthening of the Turkish Lira,” he said.


On the other hand, emphasizing that nearly 8 million people in Turkey live on minimum prices, Gülsoy said that the prices and salaries to be paid are valuable in order to compensate for the losses in the face of inflation.

Emphasizing that the minimum price should definitely be updated on income inequality, Gülsoy said that they expect permanent and stable growth in the economy, relieve the real sector, and they expect regulations that will reduce costs and increase revenues.

Leader Gülsoy, who also gave good news at the parliamentary meeting in this middle, stated that as a result of the previous application, Kayseri Rose Baklava was registered and received its geographical indication. Pointing out that they protect the culture and the local, Gülsoy reminded that regional delicacies such as Kayseri Lubrication, Kayseri Katmeri, Kayseri Tandoori Pastry, Kayseri Lead Vaccine, Kayseri Nevzine, Kayseri Oil Ravioli, Kayseri Tray Ravioli, Kayseri Oven Mouth Kebab, which were applied for in 2021, also received the geographical indication registration. .

Stating that they increased the number of geographically marked works to 12 with the application of the Chamber, Gülsoy added that they also made registration applications for Kayseri Çemeni, Kayseri Sucuk İçi and Kayseri Börek Vaccine.

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