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‘mini pillow’ treat to fresh couples in Kayseri Talas

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Kayseri’s Talas Municipality, with its new application, offers a treat that will not make you forget their wedding day to the couples who enter the world residence. Gifted as a memory of the day; The pen with which the couples signed the wedding book and the small pillow with the words ‘on a pillow’ on it are highly appreciated.

On the cover of the box, there is a statement signed by Kayseri’s Talas Municipality Leader Mustafa Yalçın. Addressing the newly wed couples, Leader Yalçın said, “My dear brothers and sisters, I congratulate you on signing the most precious contract of your life with this pen, wishing you a lifetime of happiness and wish you the happiness of both worlds.” gives his words.


Young couples, who signed the most precious signatures of their lives at Talas Municipality Wedding Hall, expressed their satisfaction with the meaningful treat of Leader Yalçın.

Expressing that it is a meaningful approach to give them the pen they have signed, the couples pointed out that the pillow, which reminds of the phrase “to grow old on a pillow”, is an interesting and at the same time a meaningful memory.

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