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Miners seek interest-free loans for renewable power

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İZMİR (İGFA) – Holding a press conference at Aegean Exporters’ Associations, Turkish Exporters Assembly Mining Delegation Leader and Istanbul Mining Exporters’ Association Leader Rüstem Çetinkaya stated that the three most valuable inputs of the mining sector are fuel, electricity and personnel consumptions, and that renewable energy is used as a branch to reduce power costs. noted that they are focusing on power investments.

Underlining that mining companies with investments all over Turkey want to invest in renewable power, Çetinkaya said, “The last electricity and natural gas increases were expected, there were different evaluations about their rates. The increases did not come as a surprise. It is obvious that the increase in the dollar will be reflected in the power costs. It needs a sufficient industry of its own. In this context, cheap financing should be provided for renewable power. When necessary, project-based very low interest, even interest-free financing models should be developed.”

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