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‘MilyonFest’ reaction from Muğla Fethiye!

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CHP Fethiye District Leader Mehmet Demir the cancellation of the “Milyonfest Fethiye” Festival, which is in the middle of Turkey’s biggest music festival and will be held in the middle of September 1 this year, by the Muğla Governorship.

MUĞLA (IGFA) – With the support of Fethiye Municipality, Million Fest Fethiye, which will be held in the middle of 1-2-3-4 September 2022 with the participation of 16 artists, has been canceled by the Muğla Governorship.

Reactions to the decision of the governor’s office, which did not provide any information as a reason, came one after the other.

Making a statement on the subject, CHP Fetihye District Leader Mehmet Demir claimed that the government has deliberately banned the festivities.

“This year, as usual, all of Turkey would have had enough with the “Million Fest Fethiye” festival, said Leader Demir, “We have completed all the work. We made a great effort both financially and spiritually. Days before the festival, the Muğla Governor’s Office said that the festival cannot be held today without showing any relation. When we asked, no reasonable explanation came. We will apply to the administrative court, but this is not an acceptable thing. Because the government wants to prevent it willfully. They are trying to disrupt our understanding of municipality instead of taking them as an example. They cancel the concert that thousands have been waiting for, according to the political ideology of the individuals. I present this to the discretion of our young people. “The people will do what is necessary at the ballot box,” he said.

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