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“Millet” decision from the Constitutional Court

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The Constitutional Court rejected the Nation Party’s application not to use the name “Nation Alliance”.

The application of the Nation Party to the Constitutional Court (AYM) was rejected on the grounds that it is against the law to use the word “Millet”, which is the legal personality name of the “Nation Alliance” parties.

According to the news reported by BBC News, Rafet Kaya, Deputy General Leader of the Nation Party, reminded that the names, emblems, nicknames, badges and similar signs of the political parties registered in the political party registry during the application could not be used by other political parties in a form that would cause them to be confused or confused, He said that the name of the Nation Party was used by a cluster of other political parties.

Kaya said, “Our political parties that make up the 6-party table did not take into account the warnings made at various times by the Nation Party officials.”

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