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Military training from the USA to the YPG at the end of 20 kilometers

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It was emphasized that training and exercises were carried out for the first time, especially at a point so close to the Turkish border, and it was noted that the training was given to the SDF by the “Joint Joint Mission Force” established under the leadership of the USA.

More than 30 countries provide a base of military workers and equipment to the Medium Duty Force, which was established in December 2014 with the goal of military effort against ISIS.

Announcing that it has ended its activities in Iraq with the prestige of January 5, 2020, the Joint Duty Force continues to provide training to the SDF forces, “whose backbone is formed by the PKK/YPG” in northern Syria under the leadership of American soldiers.

In addition, the “United Joint Duty Force”, which provides weapons, ammunition and military logistics services to the members of the organization, does not hesitate to show its reinforcements with its command.

finally; Mission Force Deputy Commander Brigadier General Carl Harris (karl heris) visited the top managers of the terrorist organization in Hol Refugee Camp last week and said that the US would continue to support the organization.

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