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Microplastics threaten the Mediterranean

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In Europe, which is the second largest plastic producer in the world after China, 150 thousand to 500 thousand tons of macro plastic and 70 thousand to 130 thousand tons of microplastic are thrown into the seas annually. Completing this journey of plastics in the Mediterranean, it poses a great threat to marine life. For this reason, the Mediterranean Sea has become one of the seas with the highest level of plastic pollution in the world. The impact of microplastics, which is not limited to marine life, extends to food and beverages such as air, tap water, bottled water, salt, honey and alcohol.


Stating that the annual economic cost of the damage caused by plastic waste to marine ecosystems is 13 billion dollars, Prof. Dr. Deniz Ayas stated that there is a heavy plastic pollution on the Eastern Mediterranean coastline that forms the middle of Iskenderun-Mersin, “We came to the coast today. There is also a heavy microplastic pollution on the coast. This is the result of an anthropogenic We call it microplastic, its transport to the sea and its transformation into small granules and particles as a result of its breakdown within certain periods.Microplastic pollution is a type of pollution that can be observed heavily in the entire 321 kilometer coastline, including the center of Mersin, and is found heavily in both the coastal dune ecosystem and the sea. ” said.


Prof. Dr. Stating that microplastics are a vital threat, Deniz Ayas said, “Microplastics are a major threat to the marine ecosystem. Recent studies have shown that these microplastics have turned into smaller nanoplastics, which can be metabolized and can be taken into the body of all living things, including humans. It has become very serious that it can pose a problem. It can be said that microplastic is a threat to both the marine ecosystem and human health. For this, we need to separate the plastic at its source. The use of plastic must also be reduced. There is actually a heavy plastic pollution in nature. There has been heavy pollution from the past to the present. “The only way to reduce this pollution is to reduce the use of plastic,” he said.

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