Michael Lewis, About to Finish His SBF Book

Big shortthe author of the book Michael Lewisby Sam Bankman-Fried ( SBFHe stated that he was about to finish his book.

2008took place in USAon the crisis Big short It was later filmed and presented to the audience. who is the author of this book and who dealt with the crisis of that period Michael LewisHe is currently chasing a new book. Lewis, the chief architect of the FTX crisis SBFHe’s writing a book about it. Bitcoin 2023participating in the event Lewis, of his book on SBF run out about todeclared that.

Big Short Author Writes A Book About SBF

2008Addressing the mortgage crisis Big shortthe author of the book Michael LewisSam Bankman-Fried (who is considered responsible for the FTX crisis) SBFHe’s writing a book about bitcoin 2023speaking at the conference Lewis, movie rights to AppleHe stated that the book sold will be finished soon.

Lewis Before starting to write the book, he conducted various interviews with the events and the actors of the event. The famous author started writing the book before the investigations even started. Lewis, Wall Streetof a friend who manages a company in given in 2021announced that he was heading towards this subject with a suggestion.

Lewis, at first FTXhave easy access to data about SBF He said he couldn’t find enough information about it. from your friends SBFwho received advice that he should spend time with LewisHe stated that he started meetings and talks.

Big Short The inventor of SBF has agreed to be the subject of the book. However, Lewis stated that he still did not know how to write the book because he did not have enough information. Speaking about the bankruptcy of FTX and the accompanying legal processes, Lewis did not know how to finish the book, so he did not want such an event to happen. grateful is told.

Finally Lewis, FTXHe stated that with the outbreak of the events, his book turned from fiction to a wonderful story.

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