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Meteorology gave the clock

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With the sudden rains in the last few days, the eyes of the citizens were turned to the weather report. According to the report, it is assumed that the eastern parts of the region, as well as the northern areas of Kırklareli and Istanbul, will be rainy and heavy with thunderstorms starting at noon on the weekend.

According to the latest evaluations made by the General Directorate of Meteorology: Partly cloudy in general and partly cloudy, east of Marmara, Mediterranean, north and east of Central Anatolia, Black Sea, East and Southeast Anatolia, Kırklareli and northern parts of Istanbul and Karaman . It is assumed that there will be intermittent showers and thunderstorms, including locally.

It is expected that the precipitation will occur in the Central and Eastern Mediterranean and the Western Black Sea coasts in the evening, around Malatya, Elazig, Adana and Hatay at night, the inner parts of the Eastern Black Sea Region tomorrow, the north and west of Eastern Anatolia and Karabük, Bolu, Düzce, Samsun, It is expected to be strong in places around Sinop, Rize, Artvin, Bingöl, Muş, Ağrı, Hatay coasts and Siirt, and severe in places around Bartın and coastal parts of Kastamonu. It is claimed that as of this evening, heavy dust transport will be seen in the east of Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia.

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