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Meral Akşener received a speech from the young people

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DÜZGÜN Party General Leader Meral Akşener stated that Anatolia is no longer the old Anatolia and said that no one could raise their head from their grief. In his criticisms of the government, Akşener commented, “There is no more Erdoğan from Kasımpaşa. He is replaced by Mr. Crisis from Beştepe.”

ANKARA (IGFA) – BEAUTIFUL Party General Leader Meral Akşener made statements in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey at the weekly regular cluster meeting of her party.

UYGUN Party leader Meral Akşener gave messages to the youth as well as the evaluations on the agenda at the cluster meeting attended by young people from various provinces of Turkey.

Akşener reacted to the breaking of the runways at Istanbul Atatürk Airport. Stating that they will continue to commemorate Atatürk despite those who are even offended by his name, Akşener said, “We will continue to work nonstop to realize the great vision he put forward for Turkey, despite those who drove dozers to Atatürk Airport during the week of 19 May.”


“Anatolia is not that old Anatolia anymore,” said Akşener, adding, “No one can find a reason to smile. No one can lift their heads “Dear young people, you are the most affected by this spiral that the AK Party government has brought into our country. While you should feel the excitement of a whole life, I see a sadness on the faces of each of you,” he said.


“Mr. Erdoğan, who is in the joy of the palace, does not know what it means to sleep hungry at night, but Tayyip Erdoğan from Kasımpaşa, who sets out with a ring, knows,” said Akşener. In the past, there was Erdoğan from Kasımpaşa, now there is Mr. Crisis from Beştepe.” Mentioning that President Erdoğan cannot rule Turkey by pushing, marginalizing and marginalizing the youth, Akşener said that the leaven of the Turkish Nation and the legacy of our Republic are hidden in the youth. together, hand in hand, arm in arm, a strong, powerful and joyful Turkey that is liberated with justice and equalized by merit. SPIRIT OF 1919

“To save our present, to claim our future, we left all divisions and polarizations behind, and once again emerged for the nation and the country. Akşener said, “We need to come and come,” and asked for words from the young people in the hall, mentioning that they need to resurrect the 1919 spirit. “As the only hope of the Turkish nation, will you take an oath to resurrect the hope of 1919? Do you swear to rekindle our sacred fire, which was burned indifferently and without rules?” “We swear” voices rose to Akşener’s address.

Akşener, together with the young people, ended his speech by saying, “Let our existence be a gift to the Turkish existence. What a joy to those who say I am a Turk.”

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