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Medvedev: Attack on Crimea will lead to Third World War

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Former Head of State of Russia Dmitry Medvedev made a statement regarding a possible attack by NATO on Crimea.

Medvedev said, “Any attempt to encroach on Crimea is a declaration of war against our country”, and said, “For us, Crimea is a part of Russia. This means forever”.

The former Head of State stated that an influx to the Crimean peninsula by any NATO member state could mean a declaration of war on Russia that could lead to a “Third World War”.

“If this is done by a NATO member state, it would mean a conflict with the entire North Atlantic alliance, a Third World War. It’s a complete disaster,” Medvedev said.

Medvedev, who is currently the deputy leader of the Russian Security Council, also said that if Finland and Sweden join NATO, Russia will strengthen their ends and be “ready for retaliatory steps”.

Medvedev added that this “could include the possibility of placing Iskander hypersonic missiles on their threshold”.

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