Master pen Mustafa Ekmekçi commemorated: ‘He was the nobody of the homeless’

commemorate his wife Aldogan Ekmekciand her daughter Action Baker’sas well as the authors of our newspaper Light Bloodwith Mustafa Balbay,President of the Cartoonists Association Metin Peker,President of Village Institutes and Contemporary Education Foundation Erdal Atici,New Generation Village Institutes Association Ankara Branch President Ahmet Tan,journalists, friends and fans attended.

Mustafa Balbay said that Ekmekçi is an unforgettable journalist. “The baker was the nobody of the orphans. It is really not possible for those who enter journalism to proceed without learning about Uğur Mumcu and Mustafa Ekmekçi. There was conscience, truth, right, justice as ink in his pen. Unless these values ​​die, he will not die either.”used his statements.


Former President of the Association of Contemporary Journalists Rahmi Yildirimand to Ekmekçi, whom he commemorates at his grave, “The sadness of bringing you up has never diminished. My longing for you never ceased. I will always remember you with love and respect until my last breath, but you will always remain in my memory with your smiling face and life stance.he called.

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