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Mask obligatory ends in flights in the EU

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The EU Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the European Center for Disease Control and Control (ECDC) have updated their health-related security measures in air travel.

In the joint statement of the two institutions, it was recommended to abolish the practice of requiring medical masks at airports and inside airplanes.

EASA Administrator Patrick Ky said, “Face masks may not be mandatory for air travel from next week, in line with the change in requirements imposed by national authorities on public transport across Europe.”

Ky, who wanted passengers to behave responsibly, pointed out that it is valuable for individuals who feel sick, sneezing or coughing to wear a mask, considering the health of other passengers.

Passengers will be informed about these rules in a timely manner, respecting the health rules in the countries of departure and destination.

The rules the mask may also vary according to the application of the airline companies. For example, the airline company will be able to request that masks be worn on flights to a place where masks are required in public transportation.

Passengers with a weak immune system or some chronic diseases will also need to wear a mask. At the airports, passengers will be required to comply with the social distance and obliging rules.

In most of the European countries, the applications within the scope of Covid-19 measures have been relaxed in recent months. In many European countries such as England, the Netherlands and Denmark, there are almost no Covid-19 measures left. In some countries, a small number of applications continue, such as mask obligation in public transport.

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