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Markets are active: The latest situation in the dollar/TL exceeding the critical threshold (May 11, 2022)

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The consumer price index for April in the USA was announced.

Inflation was announced as 8.3 percent annually, declining from its 40-year peak.

Following the information disclosed, the buying and selling prices of the exchange rates bought and sold in the free market in Istanbul, with the prestige of the previous day and today, are as follows:



TUESDAY Wednesday
ISTANBUL Purchase Sales Buy Sales
Dollars 15,2550 15.2570 15.3150 15,3160
Euro 16.0770 16.0790 16 .1690 16,1700
Pounds 18.7420 18.8870 18 , 9350 18.9970
Swiss Franc 15.3250 15.3840 15.4790 15.5190

1 January In 2022, the dollar, which was bought from 13.5650 liras in the free market, was sold at 13.5670 liras. The dollar, which crossed the critical threshold of 15, was bought at 15,3150 today and sold at 15,3160.


The Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT), and the current year-end exchange rate (USD/TL) expectation in the April market participants’ survey While it was 16.68 TL in the previous survey period, it was 16.85 TL in this survey period. The expectation of the exchange rate after 12 months was realized as 17.42 TL and 17.84 TL, respectively, in the one-to-one survey periods.

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