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Mansur Yavaş made a transfer from MasterChef: It became the module of the service

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In his post on his personal social media account, Yavaş said, “Every day, thousands of meals are prepared with love and effort at BelPa Kitchen, from students to people in need, from families with COVID-19 to our elderly citizens. Sefa Okyay Kılıç also became a module of this meaningful service.”


Sefa Okyay Kılıç was born on 13 June 1996. The competitor from Kayseri is a graduate of Gazi University Gastronomy and Culinary Arts. She has worked in Ankara, Antalya and England. She did an internship in Italy.

Participating as a team coordinator in many gastronomy festivals, the young competitor speaks English, French and Italian. ‘MasterChef Sefa’, who received training on Molecular Gastronomy, Korean Cuisine and Italian Cuisine, was included in the race from the reserve.

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