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‘Malazgirt’ statement from KTO Leader

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Kayseri Chamber of Commerce Administrative Council Leader Ömer Gülsoy made a statement on the occasion of the 951th Anniversary of the 26 August Manzikert Victory and the anniversary of the Victory Week.

Kayseri Chamber of Commerce Administrative Council Leader Ömer Gülsoy stated that the Republic of Turkey was founded on the solid foundations laid in Manzikert and said, “The Turkish Nation has a glorious history with victories. He will not give up the determination he has shown today, as he did yesterday, to protect his own will and future. ”

Noting that August 26, 1071 is considered one of the most valuable turning points that changed the course of history, Lider Gülsoy stated in his statement that the Battle of Manzikert was one of our greatest victories that changed the destiny of the Turkish Nation.


President Gülsoy stated that the last week of August, when the Manzikert Victory, which paved the way for Anatolia to become our homeland, was won and the Great Offensive, which is a valuable milestone in the establishment of today’s Turkey, ended in victory, was celebrated as Victory Week with great pride and honor. “Turkish history is full of victories that will set an example for other nations. We are experiencing the justified pride and excitement of celebrating the 951th anniversary of the Manzikert Victory, the heroic epic of the Turkish Army under the leadership of Sultan Alparslan. The foundations of the common life culture based on peace, tolerance and love that will continue in these lands for centuries were laid with the Manzikert Victory. The Manzikert Victory, which prepared a new homeland and a new history for the Turkish nation, is the date when the construction process of a heavenly homeland was started, and is the first step on the way to the foundation of the Republic of Turkey. The Republic of Turkey was built on the solid foundations laid in Manzikert, and today it has become stronger in the middle of the world’s countries that have a word. This pride that our great ancestors left us will shed light on our future and will be the clearest example that we can overcome anything after believing. Although the time and the commanders are different, the blood flowing in the face of the enemy is just like blood. The unity and solidarity displayed in recent years in the face of the attacks against our economic and political independence, especially the treacherous coup attempt of July 15, and the determination of our nation to protect its own will and future are admirable. As yesterday, today and tomorrow, those who have treacherous aims on our country will find our great nation against them. Now it’s up to us; It is to work with each other as a nation and state, and to work with all our strength in order to carry this paradise land, which is the trust of our ancestors, to the highest level in every field. With these feelings and blood, we commemorate our martyrs, especially Sultan Alparslan and Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who entrusted us with their lives and blood by making this land our homeland, and our veterans who have made all kinds of material and moral sacrifices for this cause, with respect, mercy and gratitude. I congratulate the Victory Week of our great nation”

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