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Machinery exports 8.3 billion dollars in the first 4 months

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According to the machinery manufacturing industry consolidated information shared by the Machinery Exporters’ Association (MAİB), Turkey’s total machinery exports, including free zones, reached $8.3 billion at the end of the first 4 months of the year. Kutlu Karavelioğlu, the Leader of the Machinery Exporters’ Association, stating that the increasing understanding of regional supply throughout the world is a development in favor of Turkey, said, “As much as Mexico has been for the US industry, Turkey has had a one -to-one value for the EU industry. Europe’s need to benefit from Turkey’s production infrastructure in order to remain strong in global competition will increase day by day. The latest survey of BME, whose members make purchases of 1.3 trillion Euros a year, also shows that German companies are turning their supply radar to Turkey.”

ISTANBUL IGFA- Turkey’s machinery exports reached 8.3 billion dollars at the end of the first 4 months of the year, increasing by 11.7 percent compared to the same period of the previous year. In this period, when machinery exports to Germany exceeded 1 billion dollars, the highest increase in exports among EU countries was Italy with 17 percent. Although exports to the USA on a measure basis were at the same level as last year, 12.6 percent more revenue was obtained from this country. While machinery exports to Ukraine, where the war continued, remained at 67.7 million dollars, machinery exports to Russia, where an increase of 17.5 percent were experienced, approached 250 million dollars.

Machinery Exporters’ Association Leader Kutlu Karavelioğlu, who stated that they expect the machinery exports to Germany to exceed 3 billion dollars at the end of the year, said, “The basic conditions of competition in the global machinery trade are determined in Germany and it is accepted that the countries that can sell machinery to German manufacturers are at an advanced level in technology. is done. We have prepared the basis for advanced cooperation with Germany. Turkey’s economy will be affected very positively by a strategic partnership in which the machinery industry will be at the core,” he said.


Information on the role assigned to Turkey in the latest research conducted by the German Buyer’s Association (BME), which has approximately 10 thousand members in Germany. Karavelioğlu said: “Even the possibility of stopping Russia’s natural gas sales fueled the panic and inflation in the EU. The understanding of global supply is rapidly evolving into the understanding of regional supply, and the size of the measures and initiatives for this situation indicates that this paradigm shift will be permanent. As long as Turkey maintains its current situation, all developments will be in our favour, because as Mexico was to the US industry, Turkey was just as valuable to the EU industry. Europe’s need to benefit from Turkey’s production infrastructure in it rder to remain strong in global competition will increase day by day.”

Pointing out that the latest survey of BME, whose members make purchases of 1.3 trillion Euros a year, shows that German companies primarily focus their supply radar on Turkey, Karavelioğlu said: believes that the production will come to a complete stop for themselves and their internal suppliers when it arrives. Buyers see Turkey as the most valuable supply center outside the EU countries in order to guarantee their business. According to the research of the German Machinery Federation VDMA, the cessation of mutual trade due to the repression has had a profound effect on 77 percent of its members; This is one of the reasons why you turned to us,” he said.


In addition to the increasing commercial potential in the middle of the two countries with the understanding of regional supply, in order to complete the Twin Transformation in accordance with the re quirements of the EU and Turkey Karavelioğlu, who pointed out that there is a valuable opportunity in Turkey, said:

“Every month, 250 million dollars of machinery orders come from Germany, our biggest trade partner. Interest in Turkey has been increasing with the visits and orders from companies across the EU, especially Germany, to our businesses in the last two months. But we know that Germany has much more potential than the current situation in terms of technology development and joint exportation. We will rapidly enrich our European customer portfolio, and we will also enrich our portfolio of works by using new techniques thanks to the increasing demand diversity.”

Karavelioğlu stated that they will establish closer contacts with their potential customers by providing more visibility in events and fairs abroad, and they will organize joint purchasing activities with BME, which they have been working as a partner for about 4 years , and concluded his words as follows:

“ Transformation into a green, sustainable and cyclical economic structure in order to comply with the EU green agreement should be a priority for Turkey, which allocates the lion’s share of our foreign trade to this region. As our businesses complete this transformation, they must also gain new customers. Our need for foreign currency will gradually increase for the supply of raw materials required to meet new orders. In order for the increasing costs not to cause a weakness in our competitiveness, new initiatives will be required that will enable us to access finance easily and cheaply. We have no doubt that we will receive public support during this critical period.”


Stating that they closely follow the machinery imports of not only Turkey but also the main markets, in order to evaluate the operation of chains, the change in geography of production and the shifts in foreign trade more accurately. He concluded his words as follows:

“In the first quarter, where our machinery exports increased by 9.3 percent, the increase in our imports remained at 2.8 percent. In the last 12 months, our exports increased by 22 percent and reached 23.4 billion dollars, while our imports increased by 14.5 percent and reached 34.5 billion dollars. Our production and investments are increasing ahead of rival countries. In 2021, when the EU machinery industry achieved a production increase of 12 percent, our increase was 32 percent. If we can maintain this trend, we will be able to reduce the deficit in machinery foreign trade below 10 billion dollars, and we will move forward with faster steps towards our goal of creating surplus. We hope that we have left behind an era in which imports threaten our scale in an extraordinarily aggressive manner and that the interest shown by the country’s industry in times of heightened uncertainty will become permanent.”

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