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Loyalty to Cuma Uluçay in Kayseri Talas

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In the session held in Kayseri’s Talas Municipality Assembly Hall, under the chairmanship of Ragıp Dost, the Deputy Leader, various Reconstruction and Public Works Committee reports, requests for some units, especially the Plan and Project Directorate, the Urban Transformation Directorate, and the Science Affairs Directorate, were decided.


The first agenda item in the session was the arrangement of squares to be made in some rural neighborhoods. Project, in Başakpınar, Koçcagiz, Kuruköprü, Kepez and Reşadiye Neighborhoods, it was decided to carry out the production and renovation of the square, as well as road and sidewalk arrangements, signs and lighting.

Another prominent issue in the session was that the name of the deceased football player Cuma Uluçay, who died in a traffic accident a while ago, was given to Kepez Football Stadium.

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