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Liz Truss officially becomes British Prime Minister

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In England, Queen Elizabeth gave the mission of forming a government to Liz Truss, who was elected leader of the ruling Conservative Party.

With this attack by the Queen, Truss’s mission as British Prime Minister solidified.

Following his meeting with Queen Elizabeth, Truss will return to the capital city of London, where he will deliver his first speech in his office. Liz Truss is expected to announce her new cabinet today.


British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has submitted his resignation to Queen Elizabeth II.

Johnson his submitted resignation by meeting with Queen Elizabeth, who was spending her summer vacation at Balmoral Estate in Scotland. Johnson was accompanied by his wife, Carrie Johnson.

The meeting lasted approximately 40 minutes, he said.

In a statement from Buckingham Palace, it was reported that Johnson’s resignation was accepted by the Queen.

Boris Johnson announced on July 7 that he resigned from the leadership of the ruling Conservative Party, and that he would continue his duty as prime minister until a new leader is elected.

Following Johnson’s resignation, the result of the vote of the ruling Conservative Party members was announced yesterday and Liz Truss received 81,326 votes, while Rishi Altar remained at 60,399 votes.

Thus, Truss, who won the leadership race within the party, was entitled to become the country’s new prime minister at the same time.

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