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Link Leader Altun’s reaction to Reuters!

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ANKARA (IGFA) – Presidential Liaison Leader Fahrettin Altun made a statement on the social media account of the UK-based news agency Reuters’ news about the Presidential Liaison Office.

Altun said, “The fact that our Connection Presidency, which has carried out successful works on a national and international scale with the Turkey Connection Model, is taken by the UK-based Reuters news agency is only an indication of how true we are and a source of pride for us.” he said she.

Stating that they have resisted disinformation campaigns against Turkey in the last 4 years, Altun said that they have made Turkey stronger against these attacks and that they have created a transparent communication environment.

Stating that “Reuters is an apparatus for perception operations and systematic manipulations against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Turkey,” Altun stated that he had written many distorted and brazen news in the past.

Communications Leader Altun said that while Reuters was disinformation against Turkey, which was making a relentless struggle against this terrorist organization at the height of DAESH terrorism, some Western states basically ignored the passage of foreign terrorists to Syria or actually made this possible through their intelligence services . reported that it was covered.


Reminding that Reuters, which appeared on the scene during the period when Turkey took the first steps towards the transition to the Presidential Government System, distorted President Erdoğan’s statements and had to rebut its own news, Connection Leader Altun used the following words:

“Of course, we do not forget how Reuters plays its part in economic and financial operations against Turkey. This kind of news agency is still trying to take the Turkey Connection Model and our Presidency as its aim. Reuters’ intentions and what it serves, and what they do in this direction. We know very well. There is a Turkey that defends the truth not only in matters related to Turkey, but also in different parts of the world because of your operational reporting, against the system that was invaded, had coups, started a civil war, and fed terrorist organizations. We see that the economic crisis has affected the whole of Europe and your country, England. It affected you as an institution, as it did. That’s why you resort to desk journalism because it is cheaper and easier. As many times before, you serve imaginary and fabricated scenarios woven with baseless stereotype prejudices under the name of news in the word. What are the conditions? Let me tell you that real journalism cannot be done like this, no matter what. We remind you once again and invite you to report for the truth and only”.

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