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Linden season in Kayseri Talas

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Linden, which is one of the most preferred hot drinks on cold winter days, reaches the citizens free of charge thanks to the linden trees planted by Kayseri’s Talas Municipality throughout the district.

Linden trees planted in parks, pavements and medians in Kayseri’s Talas district bloomed and Talas smelled like linden. However, the citizens began to prepare for the winter by collecting the blooming flowers.

Citizens who love linden tea, collect flowers free of charge from the trees, which are almost flooded, while thanking the municipality on the one hand, they also drew attention to the fact that parts should not be damaged.


Citizens named Talaslı Yusuf Erdoğan and Hacı Demirezen, who collect linden flowers, mentioned that they are faced with a very pleasant service and said that they will enjoy their drinks in winter. Expressing that the flowers should be collected without damaging the tree branches, Erdoğan and Demirezen advised other citizens who love linden to collect them carefully.

Retired Teacher Mehmet Gençer and his wife Meral Gençer, who came to collect linden as husband and wife, noted that the linden trees smelled very nice and thanked the Talas Municipality for providing a very different and different service.

Retired Teacher Mehmet Gençer said, “Talas Municipality is planting trees in parks and planting linden trees. He does not cut down on the people of the municipality, thanks to him, he made it for winter tea. We collect them without breaking their arms. In addition, very nice sports equipment and walking paths have been placed in the parks for the young people. What a nice service,” he said.

Speaking later, Meral Gençer said that equipping the district with linden trees is a very pleasant practice in terms of beautifying the nature and oxygen, adding that they enjoy collecting linden, which is especially enjoyed by women.

Thousands of linden trees planted in different parts of the city by the Talas Municipality bloom this season, filling the district with the smell of linden. Allowing the citizens to collect the blooming flowers without breaking their arms and without damaging the trees, Talas Municipality also prevents the linden flowers from being wasted.

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