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Lifeline for 2,500 students from Bursa İnegöl

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BURSA (IGFA) – İnegöl Municipality completed its studies on educational aid with the order of the Umuteli Social Aid Affairs Directorate before the 2022-23 academic year.

While it was mentioned that 1500 primary and secondary school students would be given a stationery check of 200 TL per person, these lists were prepared to include the children of families in need. As of today, registrations have started to be taken for the education aid, which is 2 thousand TL per person for university students. Within the scope of university aid, which applications will continue until September 18, a total of 2 million TL education aid will be provided to 1000 students this year.

Mayor Alper Taban, who spoke at the meeting held with Umuteli Association Managers and Umuteli Social Aid Affairs Directorate officials, reminded that aids are made with the budgets of both the Municipality’s budget and the Umuteli Social Assistance Association.


Pointing out that the number of students receiving educational aid has been doubled this year, Lider Taban said, “This year, we will provide educational aid to 1000 university students. This number was 300 last year and 500 last year. This year we have doubled that number. Of course, our aim here is to reach the people who need it most and deliver aid. We will be providing each of our students with 2 thousand TL under the name of educational aid, not as a scholarship. We will have provided 2 million TL of educational aid in total,” he said.

It has been learned that applications for education aid will be made online through the municipality’s website until September 18, and students with associate and undergraduate education can apply.

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