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LGS exam results announced

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The results of the central exam held on June 5 within the scope of the High School Transition System (LGS) were announced on the “” address.

ANKARA (IGFA) – The results of the central exam held on 5 June within the scope of LGS by the Ministry of National Education have been announced.

According to the statement made by the Ministry, 1 million 31 thousand 799 students entered the exam, in which the central exam application is made automatically for 8th grade students, and it was recorded that the participation rate was 83 percent.

You can click to reach the Central Exam Result Information of Secondary Education Institutions That Will Take Students With Exams in 2022.


As it will be remembered, a total of 90 questions were asked in two sessions in the central exam. In the first session, which started at 09.30, students were tested in Turkish, the history of the Turkish Revolution, Kemalism, religious culture and ethics, and foreign language tests. None of the questions in the central examination were cancelled.


193 students who participated in the exam from 48 different provinces answered all the questions without errors and received 500 full points. In the distribution where the scores changed between 100 and 500, the rate of students who scored in the middle of 400-500 increased compared to the previous year. 9.93 percent of the students were in the range of 400-500 points. The most severe score range of the students was 56.04 percent and 200-299.

In the exam held after the academic year in which face-to-face education was continued uninterrupted, it was observed that the average number of real answers in mathematics and science subtests increased slightly compared to 2021.

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