Business is booming.

Lettuce, which comes out of the field for 1.5 liras, is 7-8 liras in the market.

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The new crop of lettuce, which is on the agenda with its high prices in the markets and market stalls, is ready for sale. This year’s excess production of lettuce, which is waiting for its buyers, grown in Eskişehir’s fertile fields, has hit the bottom.

While the producer could not get the expected numbers, the wholesalers’ lack of demand for greens reduced the prices sufficiently. The producer, who says that the lettuce in his field costs 1.5 liras, reacts to the sales made in the markets for 7-8 liras.

While it is stated that the greenery producer is decreasing every year due to these problems, planned production and planned sales are on the agenda again.


Stating that the lettuce waiting in his field was sold for 1.5 liras with increasing costs, farmer Kadir Yavaş said that the labels in the markets went up to 7-8 liras.

Stating that the damage increased with the delay of about 10 days due to the season, Yavaş said, “This year, the prices of lettuce were not as we expected due to the increasing costs and too much planting.

Currently, the cost in the field is 1.5 liras, but in the markets it is 7-8 liras. This creates a big mess. It costs 1.5 liras from us, 7-8 liras in the markets.

Markets are slightly cheaper than markets. If our citizens turn to the market, it will be more profitable. Normally, the real-grown crops at the end of May each year hung until the 5th of June this year. We have a loss of about 10 days. The reason for this is the weather,” he said.


Stating that the traders did not come to the fields as in the past years and the products could not enter the market, Mehmet Kırmızılıoğlu, Deputy Leader of the Producers Union, said that the greenery producer will decrease next year. Stating that we will see the effects of the lack of demand from the traders this year, Kırıklıoğlu said, “Our biggest regret is the marketing problems of our products. The traders do not come here as much as before.

The late arrival of the season due to the weather rules, the coolness of the air in other regions, the works did not grow in other regions. That’s why there are no traders. Our goods are waiting in the fields, they are not sold yet. We contact the producers of our own size and package their works and send them to the shops. When we look at last year’s sales, we see that there is a significant demand. No requests this year. If this kind of thing happens in the coming days, those who plant greenery will decrease a lot,” he said.


Indicating that the production and marketing system should be regulated, Eskişehir Tepebaşı Chamber of Agriculture Leader Süleyman Toptanan stated that the farmer was in distress and said:

“If we want to talk about the situation 1 month ago and evaluate the current situation, we are going to a really deplorable situation. We are always crying now. The main reason for this is the high prices in the markets, which happened 1 month ago. We cannot explain ourselves. This is the Tepebaşı District of Eskişehir. It is an area where all kinds of works in Turkey are grown.

At the moment, we are in a completely central place with lettuce, greens, tomatoes and cereal cultivation. The best example here is that the work has grown and is growing. Costs hover around 1.5 lira per bunch. Except for parsley, there are difficulties in all works.

5 times of these prices continue to be applied in the markets. As soon as possible, the Hal Law should be regulated and a production marketing system should be established.”

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