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Lebanon: Gulf countries will not leave Lebanon alone

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Lebanese Prime Minister Necip Mikati made statements to the Lebanese official television about regional developments.

Necip Mikati expressed his country’s determination to remain strongly attached to its relations with Arab countries.

Mikati stated that relations with Arab countries were not a choice and said, “Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries will not leave Lebanon alone. We were the first to declare the December rule and the rule of neutrality in conflicts in the region.”


Lebanese former Minister of Information, George Kardahi, used accusatory expressions against Saudi Arabia in a television program broadcast on October 27, 2021, due to his attitude in Yemen. It had caused a diplomatic crisis in the middle of the Gulf states.

Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Bahrain announced on October 30, 2021 that they had cut their diplomatic and commercial ties with the Beirut administration. Thereupon, Kardahi resigned from his mission on December 3, 2021, but relations did not improve, however.

Mikati, who met with Qatar Emir Pir Temim bin Hamed Al Sani in Doha, the capital city of Qatar, on March 26, announced that there would be a normalization in the ties of all Arab countries and the Gulf with lebanon

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