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Leaving behind its 34th year from Bursa in the cargo branch

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Gölyazı Cargo, the leading company in the field of logistics and transportation, continues to add value to the economy with its adventure that has passed a quarter of a time. With a fleet of 90 vehicles and a team of 120 qualified workers, it carries out transportation activities to many points in Turkey.

BURSA (IGFA) – Gölyazı Cargo, which was established as a transportation company in Bursa in 1988, has become a big company in the field of logistics and transportation as a result of its investments and successful work.

Gölyazı Cargo, which has left behind 34 years in its sector, continued to grow day by day with its fast, faithful and customer-oriented transportation approach. Today, Gölyazı Cargo, which currently provides transportation services to many points of Turkey, based in Bursa and Istanbul, with a fleet of 90 vehicles and a professional team of 120 people, has taken one step ahead of its competitors with the customer satisfaction it has achieved. Gölyazı Cargo, which continues its investments without slowing down, continues its efforts to expand abroad.


Golyazi Administrative Committee Leader Mustafa Bozdemir stated that they have branches in 3 different provinces other than Bursa in Turkey and said, “We have two branches in Istanbul, both on the Anatolian and the European side. Again, we provide service in the Southeast region with our two branches in Mardin and Şırnak. In addition to these, 14 agencies are our branches. I can say that we have a wide service network. One of our most valuable goals is to expand abroad. It is now building the infrastructure for it. We want to represent our country abroad and work with different companies in the field of logistics and transportation. Gölyazı Cargo has both the power and capacity to do this.” said he.

Stating that they will continue to add value to the economy, Bozdemir said, “We are currently breaking records as a country in exports. It is the rule that we go abroad to get a share from this cake. Hopefully, Gölyazı Cargo will become a world brand in the near future.”

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