Leading Nominee to Accept Bitcoin Donations in the USA!

Approaching USA to your choicesnominated Robert Francis Kennedy jr., the first to accept Bitcoin donations presidential candidateit happened.

The country where the crypto industry is almost hit hardest USA is happening. Inflation data, interest rate decisions, sanctions, activities and elections also affect the crypto space.

As the US prepares for the upcoming elections, the effects of this are also seen on the crypto side. Finally, the presidential candidate preparing for the elections Robert Francis Kennedy jr., bitcoinwill accept donations and first presidential candidatestated that.

Election Is Coming In The USA, Bitcoin Is On The Table Again!

Robert Francis Kennedy an event attended bitcoin announced that he would accept the donation. Prepare for next year’s US elections Kennedy the election campaign It also adds Bitcoin.

bitcoin 2023Speaking at the conference, the name reflected the leading cryptocurrency as a symbol of democracy and freedom. Kennedy jr., said:

Today, we show the world the power, resilience and resilience of Bitcoin. Almost everyone in this room is aware of the connection between Bitcoin and democracy and freedom. They are passionate about their profound representation of our deep need for freedom and democracy and the promise that this innovation should guarantee these virtues.

The candidate, who will face Joe Biden, often reflects his maximalist views on cryptocurrencies. The presidential candidate announced that he will be the first presidential candidate in US history to accept Bitcoin donations. These statements have stirred the crypto community amid crypto pressure and regulatory toughness in the US.

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